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I sell a range of ant colonies that include a mated queen ant/s, and a range of ant nests/formicariums to house them in as well as foraging arenas, food, substrates and accessories to help you look after your colony of ants.


Without a queen ant no new workers will be produced. A queen ant can live for more than 10 years so you can watch and observe these amazing creatures as the colony grows in size over time.


Formicariums are for people who wish to keep a queen ant and therefore over time raise a large colony to observe.


My Ytong formicariums are handmade so each one is unique. Every tunnel and chamber has been hand carved.


Ytong formicariums do not allow you to watch ants digging. However they have many advantages over traditional formicariums.


They are made out of a white material called aerated autoclaved concrete (Ytong). This material is ideal for keeping ants.


Properties of Ytong:


* Light

* High mold resistance

* Good water absorption

* Thermal insulation properties

* Nice clean finish.

* Ants really stand out for excellent observation.


The main difference with a Ytong nest is your colony of ants can be observed the whole time. As there is no dirt they cannot simply hide themselves away. This allows you to check the queen and see what is happening within the nest. It also gives you the opportunity to take some nice pictures of them if wanted.


Due to the materials high mold resistance and the fact there is no dirt for any uneaten food to rest on, the nest can be kept clean (most ants remove any waste from the nest anyway). So Ytong nests are great when it comes to keeping and observing a colony of ants over a long period of time.


My formicariums come in a range of sizes and styles. Some are positioned flat or upright and are fully enclosed with a removeable sheet of polycarbonate, and others are positioned flat and have a removeable/sliding glass top.


In addition to the standard nests there are nests that can be made to order. These can be customised with a number of options. These can take around 2-3 weeks before they are ready to send out.


All the nests can be expanded if needed. Using tubing they can be attached to a seperate foraging area or another nest. Alternatively they can also be placed inside a large tank so the nest and foraging area become one.


Please enjoy looking through my site and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Many thanks


James Lovell

Ants inside a Ytong nest

Messor barbarus inside a Ytong nest

Recommended species

I am no longer making anymore formicariums.

However I have a few below that can still be purchased.

Each will come with 50cm of tubing.

These are the last available ones.



XL Tall Ytong formicarium. This one and the one below were originally made for the bbc for a show called Wild. However due to a change of delivery address after they had been sent out and an issue with the courier they unfortunately were never filmed. This one has an enclosed chamber and also comes with 50cm of tubing.


XL Tall formicarium. Comes with an enclosed chamber. Also includes 50cm of tubing.

DSC_0052 DSC_0059

XL Ytong Nest. Includes 50cm of tubing.

XL Ytong Nest. Includes 50cm of tubing. Currently shown as just the carving but will come with a removeable polycarbonate sheet.

£44.99 excluding P&P

Packinging is £3 and shipping is £6.99 so total will be £54.98

£44.99 excluding P&P

Packinging is £3 and shipping is £6.99 so total will be £54.98

£34.99 excluding P&P

Packinging is £3 and shipping is £6.99 so total will be £44.98

£34.99 excluding P&P

Packinging is £3 and shipping is £6.99 so total will be £44.98

Nest 3

Nest 4

Nest 2


Messor barbarus

Messor barbarus